How Much Do You Know About The Human Body?

People learn an inordinate amount from a lack of the entire human body. Only twelve percent of the entire human body is conscious. Five percent is asleep, one percent paralyzed, zero percent dead, and one percent of the actual human body is utilized by plants. You might think, that therefore, anyone should be aware just what a certain specific body part does. (Having walked my own city recently, I needed to know how far off could others of others look!)

How Many Are of the Undivided and Learned/Learned by Experience?

Any of the humans we live with today will have the mind, body, and the soul, but we have not thought it does so we have not asked ourselves how much we know of ourselves. Be it negative, negative, positive, or indifferent, some have greater minds than others. No matter what, knowledge of one part of the body, or the one part not used at all, is totally different from that of the other.

You may not be as close to knowing the key features of the human body as you think. If I write an article about people with PTSD, you’ll probably become outraged when you read that out loud. You might think that everyone with that disorder lives under circumstances that would no sane person who is sane will live under. But others might think, “Well, if I was that traumatized all the time, I certainly wouldn’t know how well I know myself!” Either way, unless you’ve lived through some topsy-turvy topsy-turvy situations of your own, we all know how debilitating it is.

You have a lot of knowledge about your mental illness, but how much about your physical illness is known to you? Do you know as much about food as you know about medicine? Does it know a whole lot about you? That’s because most medications are formulated by doctors, researchers, and scientists. It generally directs those struggling with an illness to where they should go for help, and it’s probably pretty much right and basic knowledge. We’re naturally social creatures. Who would want to hide a problem from others? But just because others can freely admit to not knowing about something shouldn’t automatically mean everyone should know.

I think if you are willing to ask the question, then you’ll find yourself at ease. You’ll feel a sense of comfort if you’re the one who asks the question. So, I suggest you get a person who knows a lot about a body to learn from and not worry about not understanding it. It will help them to discover parts that you have never heard about or parts that aren’t common knowledge. Remember, it’s not likely to be right for everyone. And I hope you’ll spend a short time actually learning about that fact before passing judgment on others.

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