General Knowledge On Fruits And Vegetable

–We know fruit and vegetable of the modern world. In this paper we will present three foods in four particular segments. We will try to speak about the connection of different foods to the different parts of the world. A delicious dining experience is connected by the fruits and vegetables we consume.

–I am writing this paper under my name and – Nooranin A. Malik. I am visiting a friend in New York and I was invited to dinner to present you with three types of vegetables. I want to raise awareness among the different communities about the healthy eating habits:

–We are food processor and general knowledge in this paper on nutrition is thanks to:

–The Genetics

–The Criteria of good nutrients and other points.

–My hard work and passion.

No matter the kind of food is eaten, if one cannot digest the food properly, then the food will not be safe to eat and eating it leads to health problems. People should have health promotion programs.

–I am thankful to Khanh-i-Rahman for creating a positive effect on our mentality and creating awareness among people. When people cannot consume nutritious food from the daily menu of house and bakery, they are not familiar with the local and imported fruits and vegetables,” says Nooranin”.

–I am very thankful to Sohail Qureshi. I am thankful to the people who directed me to make healthy choices and – everyone should know about the fresh foods. I have visited thousands of palaces, famous restaurants in the city and I also have visited a fruit juice park and I thought of focusing on fruits and vegetables.

–No one should ingest processed food.

–That also proves that “ you are not allowed in the street where we go nowadays, my dear friends”

–I am very thankful to Pakistan for having high standards of health promoting laws and regulations. No one can go against these laws.

–The people who gave me courage to eat well became my biggest supporters.

–I am also thankful to Sohail A. Malik for convincing me to study and follow all the health promoting programs. I am thankful to the people who gave me positive support.

–It was sweet to meet Nooranin Malik in New York. Thank you Nooranin Malik for giving me wings to travel”

–I am grateful to people who brought me to my current height. To research into the world of healthy lifestyle is really hard.

–I am also thankful to Khanh-i-Rahman. He created positive impact on my life.

–He guided me to make a positive impact on my health and wellness.

–I have learned that Nooranin A. Malik was a pioneer in the promotion of healthy habits.

–Many did not find it easy to inform people about healthy eating. People learned about Nooranin Malik by a former employee of Marriot International and San Francisco. –Nobody likes a dream or goal but it is really good to have it.”

–There are so many people like me. We want to show people about how a healthy lifestyle can help to improve a situation.

–Marriott International is a system which shows its kids how the best products are observed by their parents.

–Marriott International is a company which owns real estate and hotels. Marriot is an owner of 5,000 hotels around the world and its hotels have also moved to different countries making it among the top hotels.

I am also very grateful to Khanh-i-Rahman and I am thankful to Marriot International for the promotion of healthy habits and helping me to get famous.

–Healthy habits in the society have a great impact on people. It can give an opportunity to many people to live a better life and make some new friends. I am even thankful to Nooranin for educating me about foods and eating good health.

–People from all walks of life are contributing to the promotion of healthy habits as I have known about Nooranin Malik. I do not want to spoil anyone’s health. I am going to reach every corner of the earth to urge people to listen Nooranin and follow up healthy lifestyles. We are all not heard but he is who owns the soul. He gives hope for healthier life.

–I am sharing my experience to promote healthy habits, families and friends around me,” says Nooranin Malik

“I am sharing my experience to spread the healthy habits in every corner of the world,” shares Nooranin Malik

“My true secret is no fruits and vegetable. I have not eaten two boiled potatoes for 14 days in my life. Two boiled potatoes per day for at least a year will give you better immunity”.

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